By bringing to you Outline concept we are commited on developing a nonconventional artistic brand. Some  of the characteristic of such artististic brand are the posibility of adapting and including the surroundings by investing them with the role of medium for an artistic expression. Aiming to keep our concept as fluid as posible we also reach towards an outside the box perception from the spectators. Moreover, we intent to improve and promote the image of Cluj city as a multicultural platform through harnessing the means of the local community and establishing a prolongued contribution to the cultural scene.

In the long term we are keen on promoting and cultivating a type of perception that matches art performances and mixed-media.

Is an original concept that combines soundful frequencies and visual traces which compete for the viewer’s attention. The context is inspired by the uniq architecture of the chosen location and it is established so to maintain a balanced dynamic.  It represents projections of our individuality in a productive and creative environment, that stands for diversity and closeness between artists and their audience. Outline is designed as map more than a standardized concept, also it unveils a participative experience under a harmony of live music and visual elements.