ARTmin NGO represents a conglomerate of desires, wishes, dreams and ideas, put together by a young group of art enthusiasts from Cluj-Napoca. Our goal is to promote, make accessible, and support contemporary art in any form, may it be: music, performance or visual arts (painting, sculpture, ceramics, installations, photography) or other artistic representations.

By creating mixed media shows, by aligning different effects that incite the senses, we intend to create an artistic experience for every art lover. Moreover, we are dedicating our time and ingenuity to build a path that unites artists and audience.

In 2016 we started to sketch the Outline project. Imagined as a playful and architectural vision that includes music and light. The concept manages to change its manifestation and to synchronize itself with the audience’s interpretation and understanding. Also, we intend to shape up an opened atmosphere and an organic space for other types of cultural events.

Our passion for art, for different views about an artistic manifestation combined with our broad spectrum of abilities in different domains creates a flexible environment for performative interactions

ARTmin is going to art you mind!